Meg Hobbs

I have to say that this device is amazing! I use it mainly for my baby and she loves it. We can play Disney films on there and baby sensory stuff. When doing her bedtime story we use the shadow puppet mode to act out some of the characters (as I have little Disney shadow puppets!). Also perfect to play the Mozart lullaby stuff from YouTube above her cot to help her sleep! Whoever created this is a genius. I look forward to sitting in the gardens in the summer watching stuff too!

Molly Nath

We LOVE our cinemood! When I first saw this product advertised, I was positive it was “too good to be true” but, for real, this device is so user friendly, so compact and amazingly convenient! The other day, I needed my son (1yo) to stay in his bath (he is not a fan of the bathtub) I brought out our cinemood and put on my son’s favorite show, and he STAYED in the tub, for the whole thing!! It was a true hero that day! We have long road trips and a lot of camping coming up this summer, we cannot wait to use our cinemood!! It’ll really be a star feature in our summer! I also want to highlight how convenient it is to update without having to plug it in, or worse yet, have to buy a new unit! The volume is great, and aside from the apps it comes with, the screen mirroring is super convenient!! I would totally recommend this product to everyone!!