Portable Movie Theater:
Magical gift for
the entire family

Portable Movie Theater:
A true cinema experience
anytime, anyplace

Portable Movie Theater:
Perfect travel

Portable Movie Theater:
Stream Netflix and
YouTube on a big screen

Portable Movie Theater:
Packed with Disney and
other kid-friendly content

Portable Movie Theater:

CINEMOOD 3-in-1 Magic Cinema comes with Disney Family Favorites

Enjoy 120+ hours of preloaded Disney and other family friendly stories, engaging cartoons, lullabies, audio books and hand shadow puppet shows. Plus stream Netflix, Youtube and Youtube Kids.

CINEMOOD 3-in-1 Magic Cinema comes with Disney eBooks and Videos included


Disney Stories and Videos

65+ Stories and Videos from Disney now on CINEMOOD

Your favorite heroes from Frozen, Toy Story, Lion King and many more, engaging videos include Beloved Wisker Haven Tales, The Lion King Wild about Safety series and the Science of Imagineering are already included on your CINEMOOD.

  • Om Nom Stories

    Disney Classical

    40 books

  • HooplaKidz

    Wisker Haven

    22 episodes

  • KikOriki

    Science of

    2 videos

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Hand Shadow Puppets Show

Host a Shadow Puppets Party

Immerse into a magical universe of shadows. CINEMOOD is packed with shadow puppet tutorials and shows.

Create with your hands:

  • • Bambi
  • • Hare
  • • Crab
  • • Horse
  • • Hoopoe
  • • Bird
  • • Fox
  • • Duck
  • • Spider
  • and other figures
Создайте с помощью рук

Digital Books and Stories

Bedtime Stories at its Best

Help your child to develop creative intelligence by projecting colorful e-books and fairytales on the wall or on the ceiling.

  • Paddington Bear
    at the Beach

  • Oliver

  • Bambi

Lullabies and Bedtime Stories

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Establish a bedtime ritual and maintain good sleep habits while listening together classical music, lullabies, and famous fairytales.

  • Goldilocks and
    The Three Bears

    Robert Southey

  • Alice’s Adventures

    Lewis Carroll

  • Forest Music

    17 tracks


Online Services and Your Own Content

Stream billion videos and music you love from Netflix, YouTube or YouTube Kids. Upload your own content and share remarkable moments on a HUGE screen!

Online Services and Your Own Content

Online Services and Your Own Content


Bring Your Favorite YouTube Shows onto a Huge 12-foot Screen

Cast popular YouTube shows and videos anytime, anyplace

  • Наука и Техника

    Ted Talks

  • Khan Academy

    The School of Life

  • ПостНаука


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YouTube Kids

On the Bright Side of YouTube

No need to worry. Stream only kid-friendly content anywhere you go.

  • Фильмы


  • Сериалы

    TV Shows

  • Телевидение


  • more


Netflix and Chill Anywhere You Go

Access and stream your personal Netflix account directly from CINEMOOD or download Netflix videos to the device and watch without WiFi.

  •  Emoji Movie

    Emoji Movie

  • Cars


  • The office

    The office

Goes with You Everywhere

Goes with You Everywhere

Create unforgettable memories with your friends and family. Take CINEMOOD on an adventurous journey.

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Reasons to Love CINEMOOD

  • Bluetooth
    and Wi-Fi

  • Up to 150”

  • Up to 5 hours
    battery life

  • Online

  • Fanless

  • Internal

No More Fights for the Small Screen

Let your children play and learn together.

Long Trips Entertainment

Go on a hassle-free family road trip with a unique way to entertain the kids.

The Most Portable Movie Theatre Screen

Create your own magical cinema moments anywhere, and at any time, and all fitting in the palm of your hand.

Easy-To-Use App for Effortless CINEMOOD Control

Control and navigate through your CINEMOOD via the CINEMOOD App

Easy-To-Use App for Effortless CINEMOOD Control

Magic Smart Covers Protect Your CINEMOOD and Unlock New Content

CINEMOOD uses an innovative NFC technology that recognizes which Smart Cover you’re using to automatically download additional content via Wi-Fi.

  • Additional protection

    Additional protection

  • Built-in NFC-chip

    Built-in NFC-chip

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

    Wi-Fi connectivity

Designed for Each Other

Collect all Smart Covers and let’s the magic begin.


42 episodes

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On Nom

18 episodes

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25 episodes

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28 episodes

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CINEMOOD Storyteller + Smart Cover


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CINEMOOD Storyteller + 4 Smart Covers


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Why Parents Recommend CINEMOOD



Loved this little guy. It was really cool to see how bright and clear the Cinemood was. The content is also really neat. My nephew and niece are loving it and best of all they can use it to their hearts content because it's so easy to use. Crazy good product and they keep updating it (we're casting YouTube now), so my nephew is watching all his gaming videos on it.

Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

Bought this product for my kids 2yo and 7yo, they just love it. Perfect way to keep them busy when you are travel or in restaurant / cafes or when you just need some time for yourself. I believe that it is more gentle influenece on their eyes and behaviour comparing to other screen devices. Actually all members of the family can use it!

P. R. Rambleron

P. R. Rambleron

I love my cinemood and so does my son. We have theater time in our room, in my son's room, in the back yard and in the tent while we camp. I love that I can play my own content and YouTube.



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