New way to use your photos!

From the dawn of humanity we have tried to preserve our time on this rock from parietal art to paintings to photographs to mark all aspects of our lives in history. Our constantly accelerating life and demands which prompted people from all fields of science to wrack their brains in order to come up with the first photo camera.


The history of photography

The history of mechanized photography as we can imagine it started in 1820. At that time Joseph Niépce carried out experiments to fix images using asphalt lacquer. The image was produced in camera obscura by sunlight refraction.

At the oldest picture which has remained till nowadays we can see the view from Niépce’s studio. It took the author 8 hours to get a fuzzy image! But before this first success images that were produced in the camera were outlined manually. That is the reason why Niépce’s heliography is known as the first photograph.

Work on photographic field development has been continuing. Camera obscura acquired objective lens and has become much more portable. The ways of fixation have been improving, and people had notion about negatives. Metal plates were replaced by better substrate – the glass, and then the polymeric film. By the end of XIX century the first dry photo plates were invented, and their developer G. Eastman went down in history as a founder of Kodak company.

In the beginning of XX century photo processing and printing offices have been opened worldwide. New low cost hobby thrilled everyone. Millions of amateur photographers could afford one dollar Kodak camera and after the roll of film had been shot they just handed it to print.

Digital camera era


The next revolutionary step was the digital camera. Pictures of space and the depths of the ocean are now common place and very seldom surprise. The time has gone when we would pop our film in to get it developed.

Hey, I’m shooting!


Using a smart phone to capture everyday life is now the norm. The picture of course lacks the quality of our modern-day cameras, but it has the advantage of always being at hand. Therefore, nobody misses a single valuable moment, from your baby’s first steps to your grandmother’s false teeth flying out while blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.

Where to store


The way pictures are stored have come a long way from the thick, old, dusty family album to simply storing them in thin air! The application ’Hello Baby’ allows you to create a family album from the birth of your child, to the first steps to that all important first day at school and beyond. Hello Baby stores all data sorted by dates, places and events and can be synchronized with CINEMOOD. Simply direct the light of mini cinema onto any surface, and voila, enjoy all those beautiful memories you’ve captured