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Tanya, USA

I’ve been looking for a projector that will suit my needs. It needs to be easy to manage, easily connect to a new place during the trip, and whatever the kid could handle with it. Cinemood fully meets my expectations. Accesses to Netflix, YouTube and movies that you can see at theatres are all there....

Irina, USA

Omg. This product is so awesome. You can watch YouTube, listen to the music, watch cartoons and lots of other stuff. You can also download your own content on it. We are taking a 3 year old daughter on a long car trip and this will definitely keep her busy for some time.


The great thing about the product is a long lasting battery and the variety of entertainment which is already included! My main problem is that I never have enough time to sit and hand pick all the videos that I would like my kids to watch, so when it comes with so many options downloaded...

How To Grow Your Kid's Imagination

Parents often have two thoughts in regards to their child’s imagination. Either they have some difficulty in discovering their child’s creativity, or they love their child’s imagination and want to expand it. Fortunately, encouraging your child’s imagination is a wonderful thing to do and can be achieved in a variety of ways. Encourage The Outdoors....

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