Trevor, USA

I bought this CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater for my nieces but I just loved the magic atmosphere it creates, so now I’m buying 1 more for myself! I was a bit concerned about all the negative reviews, but at the same time I’ve heard from several people great things about it and decided to give it a try. The projector came in a nicely designed package. I liked the attention to details which turned the unpacking into a pretty pleasant experience. The same would apply to the product quality and accessories in general. IMO the design is pretty slick and the hardware felt pretty well manufactured. No squeaking buttons, no cheap plastic, no unpleasant chemical smell, etc. It definitely feels like a high quality product. Right after turning it on I was a bit confused with external apps available on the device but then I realized that one actually has to sync the software to get the most recent version of it. Once the update is installed syncing the projector with external apps like Youtube, Amazon prime video and netflix works flawless. I also really like a mobile app that simplifies navigation while the device is connected to an external streaming app. The mobile app turns a phone in to a touch pad controller for CINEMOOD. So far I took the projector on a few trips and one of the things I liked about it is its portability. You basically just need WiFi and you can stream your content on the go. No WiFi – no problem, just watch the pre-installed content! Reading content is also a great feature. These books brought some really warm memories from my childhood. The price is definitely on a steeper side but CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater is worth the investment!

William Bentrim, USA

This may be one of the coolest items I have ever had. I am truly impressed. It worked right out of the box with one touch on the button. The projection was decent in a room that has large windows and lots of light. It worked much better in a darkened or dark room. The picture was clear and the sound was good. It does have the ability to plug in headphones or a speaker. This is so small and so easy that a kid can use it unsupervised

Todd B. Kashdan, USA

This is the jam. You need a dark room and a clear rectangular wall space for the magic to begin. This cube essentially serves as a projector television set for the household. The sound is crisp, the picture is solid, and the rechargeable battery lasts far longer than any movie.

Yourmom1804, USA

We took our CINEMOOD for the long-awaited trip. Gotta say that it’s indispensable if you are travelling with kids. All the flight CINEMOOD worked remarkably well, even when we finally arrived to a hotel battery was at 45%. Now we don’t dwell on how to entertain our son, we are not afraid of lewd content popping suddenly on the screen.

Wevie Stonder, USA

Cinemood is AWESOME. Shout out to their product team, for the UI is great. As with most products I use, I try to set it up without reading any documentation, and with Cinemood this was a breeze. It’s easy to use and navigate through the menus to browse through the content and features. If fits in one hand easily, and the picture quality is great. Kids love it, and it’s great to have other options for entertainment besides the phone/tablet. Highly recommend!!

Sara, USA

My son absolutely LOVES Cinemood. He cannot get enough! Cinemood is the perfect device to keep him entertained at the doctor’s office or while riding in the car. At first we were hesitant because we were afraid that it would break in the first drop, but our little savage can’t put a dent in it.

Tanya, USA

I’ve been looking for a projector that will suit my needs. It needs to be easy to manage, easily connect to a new place during the trip, and whatever the kid could handle with it. Cinemood fully meets my expectations. Accesses to Netflix, YouTube and movies that you can see at theatres are all there. I highly recommend Cinemood.


The great thing about the product is a long lasting battery and the variety of entertainment which is already included! My main problem is that I never have enough time to sit and hand pick all the videos that I would like my kids to watch, so when it comes with so many options downloaded already, it makes my life my easier.