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Now with 360°
videos and responsive
motion games
First 360° interactive
projector designed
for your family
Enjoy smarter, safer screen time in the immersive magical world of CINEMOOD and have an experience akin virtual reality without the need for a headset
Sets new standard for active screen time
Our portable handheld projector empowers kids to get up and get active with fun interactive motion games
Fuels your kid's intellectual power
Discover the power of 360° videos and built in access to educational Disney content and popular streaming services with CINEMOOD 360 that is durable and safe for kids to use
$30 flat fee.
Free shipping
to USA and Canada.
*Import duties may apply
30 days no
questions asked
return policy
Free and easy return
We promise to fix or replace your device if it gets damaged
“This pocket-
sized projector
is a parenting
game changer”
A world of content
at your fingertips
Preloaded 360° educational videos, motion games, educational Disney content and a built-in access to leading subscription-based streaming services creates endless possibilities for bringing content to life
Large library
of kid-friendly 360°
content and motion
games included
Only available on CINEMOOD 360 Explore 360-degree videos with Youtube 360 or get up an play our unique 360 VR games. Plus, you get all the exciting content from our previous device so you can enjoy magical books from Disney or stream your favorite content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, AmebaTV and MOOLT!
Om Nom
Run around chasing the adorable OmNom character in a 360° video story
Preloaded content
Ghost Hunt
Scare away specters throughout a room with the included Ghost Hunt motion game
Preloaded content
Bring ABC learning off the page, onto the floors, walls and ceiling in the Uniword game
Preloaded content
Turn an entire room into an exploration of galaxies or get lost in the majesty of national parks
Preloaded content
YouTube 360
Enjoy countless 360-degree parent-controlled YouTube videos, or even upload your own content
Preloaded content
Star Sky
with Kikoriki
Catapult into the cosmos to explore the Galactic Universe with your beloved Kikoriki character
Available in June 2020
The magic
of Educational
Disney stories
is waiting inside
Deck the halls with 40 digital books and 27 safety videos and short cartoons featuring your favorite heroes. Frozen, Toy Story, Lion King, Beloved Whisker Haven Tales, The Lion King Wild, the Science of Imagineering and many more are already included on your CINEMOOD
Car Racing
3D Game
Immerse yourself into the world of racing – improve your coordination and reaction times while having fun!
Stream your favorite shows
Enjoy your favorite shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, AmebaTV & MOOLT, or enjoy your own content through screen mirroring
to move, learn
and play
experience unlike
anything available
for kids today
Parents love
Our 3-inch portable device keeps your sanity during tough parenting moments
and innovative
The only projector on the market with the ability to view 360 videos. This combined with greater memory and faster processing create the ultimate device for you and your family.
Up to 5 hours rechargeable battery
Built-in speaker & AUX
Wi-Fi &
Fanless cooling No noise
Mobile device screen mirroring
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of approval
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It worked
like a charm!
I bought CINEMOOD to try to keep my two little ones entertained on a long flight and it worked like a charm! Great content that already comes preloaded (we love all things Disney!) and it is so tiny I didn't have to worry about it taking up too much space amongst all of our other travel items. We streamed a movie in our backyard for a bunch of neighbors as well and it was so fun to add something a little extra to our end-of-summer get together! Highly recommend.
So tiny
and compact
I am obsessed! It is literally so tiny and compact, I love that I can decide to use it anywhere at any time and not worry about bringing any additional cables with me. I thought because of the size the quality may not be great but I was wrong! So clear and you can make it bigger or smaller and adjust the focus as you go. If I wanted to bring it to a friends house I can just stick it in my bag or if we are having friends/family over I can place it on our coffee table and project it onto the wall or sometimes I will watch it on my bedroom ceiling before bed. If there are a lot of people or the room is really big, the sound may not be the best but if you connect it to a Bluetooth speaker or your sound bar you are good to go!
Our friends are
always impressed
I was so excited when I came across CINEMOOD, because we had been searching for an alternative for my child’s room. The sleep timer is perfect because she likes to listen to lullabies before bed, and we often read the stories as well. Shadow puppets just blew her mind away, super cool! I enjoy finding new devices I can try, and this one surely did not disappoint. I originally bought it for the kids, but I’ve actually used it for movie nights, our friends are always impressed. I look forward to using it outdoors this spring!
is fantastic
I am a very techy person, and it's been a while since I've been "wow-ed" by a product. This product is fantastic. Originally bought primarily for the kiddo, but a 5 dollar mounting kit and a 50 dollar retractable projector screen, and I'm using this product as much as my little guy. Picture quality is definitely good enough for adults to enjoy viewing. Portability is fantastic. Connectivity with phone makes using it at easy as using your phone. Audio could use upgrades, but definitely good enough not to be a major issue. Audio is only issue, product is 10/10.
J. Heisler
We already
love it!
We got this great device for our 5 y o twins for their birthday. Our kids love to watch cartoons, but we limit the time strictly. We love that we can control this device from the phone or use timer. A lot of their favorite films, like Frozen, are pre-loaded, and we can download through Amazon Prime and Netflix. We already love this super compact Portable Movie Theater and recommend it highly.
The image
is super clear
I bought CINEMOOD to travel with because it looked small and easy to bring anywhere. I love it! It’s even smaller than I thought and super easy to take with me. I’ve used it a lot when traveling but I’ve actually been using it at home more than I thought I would because my TV is very small and I like creating a bigger screen on my walls or ceiling to watch Netflix. The image is super clear with the lights on and off. It makes it easier to watch movies or YouTube when I have friends over too and I just connect to my Bluetooth speaker if I need the volume to be louder for a lot of people.
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