Watch your favorite movies, cartoons and TV shows anywhere you want on the big screen. Perfect for travellers, outdoor movie nights, celebrations and more.

Stryteller size

Content Inside

CINEMOOD has a pre-loaded library with a selection of 100+ cartoons and 20 digital books. Need more?
Subscription will become available soon!

Bedtime Stories
At It's Best

Develop your own bedtime ritual with our Storyteller. Establishing and maintaining good sleep habits will help your child fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed.



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Product Features

More surprises are waiting for you to explore inside CINEMOOD

No Blue Light

Storyteller won't tire a child’s eye or disturb his biological rhythm

100" Wide Screen

You can take Storyteller anywhere, whether you host an outdoor movie night or watch cartoons with your kids at home

3+ Hrs Battery Life

The rechargeable battery of the Storyteller is enough to watch 20 minutes of video each day for almost a week

Your Content

Connect your USB flash drive to watch your favorite movies and cartoons, listen to audio stories, and read digital books

No Wires - No Worries

Storyteller pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and links seamlessly to your Wi-Fi network to download updates

Silent as a Ninja

We use fanless cooling system that gives you an entirely silent device without disrupting your kid's dreams

Easy To Use

We built CINEMOOD both easy to use and intuitive to control so even small children could set everything up for a great movie night