Sweet memories for the rest of your life

Family Wearing Socks Warming Feet By Fire

Psychologists believe that children’s memory is involuntary: kids easily remember vivid situations and details that are important for them. Some events will be remembered for a lifetime, giving a warm fuzzy feeling or the other way round – dousing with cold – depending on their emotional colouring for the kid. “The charge of internal warmth…

Shadow Puppet Shows in CINEMOOD


Shadows on stage Performances given not by the actors themselves, but by their shadows, are always fascinating. They have some magic and mystery inherent only to the theatre. From ancient China to the present day, shadow theater easily wins the hearts of young and adult viewers, and we know why. History of origin Shadow play…

Tablet vs CINEMOOD: all pros and cons

Little girl and young woman with gadgets sitting back to back on the floor

Children that spend a lot of time with mobile devices, are not very good at showing their emotions, and sometimes don’t even realize what the other person feels. 4) Iintelligence quotient decreases sharply, while the risk of gaming and Internet addiction increases. According to the National Information Society Agency (NIA), South Korea’s 160,000 children aged…

Cartoons anytime and anywhere


There are plenty of situations when CINEMOOD can help parents out. Feel free to take it with you: you can find a surface to show cartoons to your kid everywhere. An airplane window shade, a board of a snow-white yacht, a back of a white dog… Here are some ideas where you can project the…