CINEMOOD is a company focused on creating technology with kids and families in mind. Our flagship Storyteller product is a cloud-connected mini cinema projector that can project content onto any surface.

Featuring expertly curated content, users can pick from movies, cartoons, audio stories, digital books, fairytale adventures and much more ─ brought to you on one simple device!

Key facts

  • The first mini cinema with kids' friendly pre-installed content for families
  • Storyteller doesn’t damage kid's bio rhythms because of its reflected light doesn't have blue spectre
  • $150 000 raised on Indiegogo after 2 months, it's 200% from our target goal
  • 3000 V1 units are sold in 9 months on European market
  • The winner of Startup Village 2016


RGB: 229 0 121
Hex: #E50079
CMYK: 0, 100, 47, 10.2

RGB: 0 158 227
Hex: #009EE3
CMYK: 100, 30.4, 0, 11

RGB: 35 39 42
Hex: #23272A
CMYK: 17, 7, 0, 83.5

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Media about us

For a product demo, interview or image request, please contact:

Lika Zamanina