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Molly Nath

We LOVE our cinemood! When I first saw this product advertised, I was positive it was “too good to be true” but, for real, this device is so user friendly, so compact and amazingly convenient! The other day, I needed my son (1yo) to stay in his bath (he is not a fan of the bathtub) I brought out our cinemood and put on my son’s favorite show, and he STAYED in the tub, for the whole thing!! It was a true hero that day! We have long road trips and a lot of camping coming up this summer, we cannot wait to use our cinemood!! It’ll really be a star feature in our summer! I also want to highlight how convenient it is to update without having to plug it in, or worse yet, have to buy a new unit! The volume is great, and aside from the apps it comes with, the screen mirroring is super convenient!! I would totally recommend this product to everyone!!

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