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How did you collect pre-installed content?

Our content team carefully selected cartoons that are popular today and approved by experts in the field of artistic development of children, teachers, speech therapists. And most importantly – we took into account the wishes of big and small cartoon fans by collecting their reviews.

How many cartoons, audio stories, theatre lessons will be in the pre-installed content?

Content in English:

89 cartoons:


Om Nom Stories – 11 videos

Kit^n^Kate – 5 videos

Kikoriki – 8 videos

HooplaKidz – 15 videos

Qumi-Qumi – 14 videos

Shaman’s Quest – 10 videos

Doctor MacWheelie – 26 videos


20 digital books


31 audio stories

9 albums with lullabies

6 hand shadow puppets


Find more information about content library here.


Content in Russian:

129 cartoons:

Om Nom Stories – 11 videos

Kikoriki – 8 videos

Kit^n^Kate – 5 videos

Qumi-Qumi – 14 videos

HooplaKidz – 15 videos

Doctor MacWheelie – 26 videos

Shaman’s quest – 10 videos

Soyuzmultfilm – 40 cartoons


20 slide films

32 audio stories

11 albums with lullabies

6 lessons of shadow theatre

Find more information about content library here

Do you plan to make a library with other cartoons and content?

You can find extra content in Smart Covers or by connecting your USB-device with content. In future, there will be a cloud Library of Stories and after signing up for updates you can get new portions of cartoons and other content you like.

How can I change English content to Russian and vice-versa?

In Settings menu choose Language where you can set Russian or English. The content will change automatically while choosing one or another language.

How many cartoons there will be in every Smart Cover?

Depending on Smart Cover you’ll choose, you will discover the following content:

Om Nom Stories – 18 videos

HooplaKIdz – 25 videos

Kit^n^Kate – 28 videos

Kikoriki – 42 videos

How do they get in my mini cinema?

Just put it on your cube and the cover will load new cartoons in the device memory automatically via WiFi. All you need is an Internet connection.

Do you plan to launch new covers with content?

Sure! We plan to extend Smart Covers collection. We promise that next year we will surprise you with new content with outstanding heroes!

What shall I do if a cartoon / slide film / audio story or lullaby is not played from pre-installed library?

It is possible that you need to update the software. If the OS version is the latest, please contact our support. Send your enquiry to support@cinemood.com and we will help you.

What is the age restriction for content inside the cube?

We believe that content suits for babies as well as for adults – from 0 to 99! Everybody can find something interesting for himself.

Can I upload my content inside the cube?

You can’t upload it in the memory, but you can always connect your USB with content to the device using our microUSB adapter and enjoy your favorite films or other content.

Which formats can the cube read from my USB?

The main thing is that USB should be formatted in FAT 32.

Is it possible to connect external drive with content?

Unfortunately, there is no such a possibility right now. But there is an excellent option to use USB with your personal content. To connect it to the cube just use our microUSB adapter which is in accessories package.

What’s about parent control over the content?

You do not need to worry about what is your child is watching. Pre-installed library does not contain any negative content which may affect psychological health of the child.

In how many languages will the content be presented?

Right at the moment there are only two languages: English and Russian. But we plan to increase the number of languages next year. Follow our news on our official website, our social media accounts and read our newsletters to find out which languages will be added.