CINEMOOD Mini Cinema Projector


In every CINEMOOD box you will find:

1x CINEMOOD Storyteller

USB on-the-go adapter

USB power cable

SIlicon base for the picture placement

Quick start guide (you can find it, as well here)

Power adapter (USA or European plug depending on a country you order from)

What content is already included?

You not only get a wonderful portable mini-cinema CINEMOOD but also a free child-friendly offline library:

89 cartoons

40 audio stories

20 digital books

6 Hand Shadow Puppets Tutorials

Even if you are camping in the middle of nowhere, you can always entertain your children… even without Wi-Fi 😉 More information about content you can find in the Content&Subscription section.

Online services

YouTube & YouTube Kids

If you want to stream YouTube or YouTube Kids on your CINEMOOD, please, download YouTube app on your phone and follow the instructions:

1) Connect CINEMOOD and your phone to the same Wi-Fi network;

2) Make sure that your Wi-Fi works at a 2.4 GHz frequency;

3) Go to the ‘Online’ section in CINEMOOD and choose YouTube;

4) Select a platform that your phone supports: iOS or Android.

5) On your phone open a YouTube app;

6) Select a video you would like to watch;

7) Click on the ‘streaming’ icon and choose CINEMOOD or CINEMOOD_ONE (for Android);

8) Enjoy watching*!

* If you followed the instructions and nothing happens, then most likely your Wi-Fi is working at a 5 GHz frequency. But this is not a problem. You can always use a different device (for example, iPad) for Wi-Fi distribution. Connect you phone and CINEMOOD to the distributed network. After that everything will work just fine. If Wi-F- works at a 2,4 Ghz frequency, but you cannot find a ‘streaming’ button in YouTube then restart your CINEMOOD and application on your phone.

P.S. We don’t recommend charging CINEMOOD while watching YouTube or YouTube for this might cause an overheating. Though there is nothing grave about it for CINEMOOD will automatically turn off in case the temperature is too high.


To watch ‘Netflix’, please, do the following:
1) download CINEMOOD App to you iPhone;
2) if you already have CINEMOOD App, update it to 2.2 version;
3) connect your iPhone to your CINEMOOD via CINEMOOD App;
4) enter ‘Netflix’ on your CINEMOOD (it’s in ‘Online’ section);
5) and enjoy your favorite shows!

P.S. right now ‘Netflix’ works only with iPhones (5S and +) with latest software. We are already working on Android integration, so it should be out relatively soon.


Coming soon! You will be able to find Digital Books, Cartoons and more right through your Cinemood



The CINEMOOD Storyteller is a super unique portable, child-friendly projector that brings you safe, pre-loaded content for whenever you or your kids want to watch movies, cartoons, read digital books, and more. Got your own content? No problem! CINEMOOD let’s you view that too.

The best part about the CINEMOOD Storyteller is that it’s ready to entertain you anywhere and everywhere—try it out on that blank wall you never decorated, or lay back and watch a movie on your ceiling. Wherever you choose to view your content, CINEMOOD produces a bright, crisp picture that launches you into an engaging, transformative atmosphere. Need more ideas for using CINEMOOD? Play an audiobook and huddle around for bedtime stories, throw a pajama party and watch cartoons, or just see who can come up with the most creative shadow puppets!


Weight: 262 grams/0,5 Ibs. Together with the package – 600 grams/1,3 Ibs.

Internal memory: There are 32 Gb of internal memory installed on CINEMOOD, and 10 Gb of it is reserved for uploading the user’s content/

Operating system : CINEMOOD OS

Supported formats:

Video: mp4, 3gp, avi, mkv, mov, 3GP, webm video, 3gpp, asf, divx, f4v, flv, h264, M2T, m2ts, m4v, mpg, mpeg, mod, mts, .MXF, ogv to wmv.

Audio: mp3, aac, m4a.

Books: pdf.

Images: png, jpg, bmp, jpeg, gif.

*Plays video up to 1080p, but the projected picture 640 x 360.

Wireless connection: CINEMOOD connects to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and it’s Bluetooth 4.0

Brightness: 35 lumens

Dioganal: 100”

Serial number

Flip over your CINEMOOD Storyteller and look at the bottom—that’s where you’ll find the serial number.

How do I set up CINEMOOD?

  1. Take a deep breath. We know you’re excited about your new CINEMOOD and your hands are shaking!
  2. Unwrap your CINEMOOD and take it out of the box. Plug it into the AC charger and turn it on.
  3. Go through Quick Start Guide that you will find in the box
  4. Turn of the light and there you go, you are all set to explore the CINEMOOD Universe.

How can I download my own content to CINEMOOD?

You have PC? Just connect your CINEMOOD to your computer via micro-USB cord. As soon as a window appears, put your content in it. You’ll find your movies, dramas, pictures in the ‘My stories’ section.

You have Mac? Download ‘AndroidTransfer’ to your Mac. Then connect your CINEMOOD to your computer via micro-USB cord. As soon as a window appears, put your content in it. You’ll find your movies, dramas, pictures in the ‘My stories’ section.

What types of flash-drives does CINEMOOD support?

Via OTG-cabel you can connect your CINEMOOD to your flash drives. CINEMOOD supports files from external flash drives with the FAT file system, FAT32, and NTFS. It should be borne in mind that the maximum file size is limited to 2 GB FAT, FAT32 4 GB, NTFS supports files of almost any size. In future updates on we are planning to add support for exFAT file system.

What are the requirements for the projection surface?

You may project onto any surface, even on the ceiling! Our first customers loved the feeling and ease of lying in bed and watching it on the ceiling overhead. You may project it on walls, doors, floor, cars, airplanes and anything else you can think of. Light exposure and distance from the surface will play a factor, but CINEMOOD’s projection distance is anywhere between 1 and 15 feet. Tip: Projecting on any dark or black surfaces won’t work because they do not reflect light well enough.


Offline library and interface support two languages: English and Russian.

How many hours does the CINEMOOD’s lamp work?

Instead of lamps, we use a different, more durable LED light source. The lifespan of the LED reaches up to 30,000 hours.


The timer is in the Settings section. It can be set to 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.


Built-in speaker has power of 2.5 Watts. If it’s not enough for you you can always connect CINEMOOD to external headphones/speakers via Bluetooth or Mini Jack.

How long does CINEMOOD’s battery work?

The work of the built-in rechargeable battery depends on the material you are viewing. Offline library will deplete your battery in 5 hours. YouTube will deplete it in 3 hrs.

Battery capacity in CINEMOOD is 4000 mAh. Thus, if you look at the embedded content on CINEMOOD for 40 minutes, 5 days a week, a 100% charge will suffice for 10 days!

Is it possible to charge and to use CINEMOOD at the very same time?

Sure! The battery charges to give you 5+ hours of offline library playback and you have the option to connect your CINEMOOD either to a power bank (like you would use with a smart phone or tablet) or to the included AC adaptor. But please bear in mind that CINEMOOD won’t be charging, just keeping the same level of battery.

What is ‘Keystone correction’?

If your projection is angled, it’ll be a little deformed and will resemble a trapeze. ‘Keystone correction’ function gets rid of this defect. Almost any angle projection will be rectangular and without distortion.

Will there be software updates?

Yes, regular software updates will be made available for your device via Wi-Fi.


Our cube, as well as cases, have passed many tests and received not only the international certificate of quality for the EAC, sales in Russia, but also many other security certificates in Europe and America (CE, RoHS, REACH, WEE, FCC, WERC, PRO65, CPSIA).


Focus adjustment

Use the longest button (4), to adjust the focus till you achieve the desired picture clarity. Remember – the distance between the projector and the screen will also affect the picture quality, so adjust accordingly.

Volume control

Use the Up/Down buttons to adjust the audio volume to your liking. Does it get any easier than that?


Blurred image

Adjust the focus! You can do it on the right panel of the mini-cinema CINEMOOD and also in our official application ‘CINEMOOD’, which you can download in Google.Play and Apple Store.

Problem with the projection

1) You see a purple dot on a dark image? Don’t worry, your CINEMOOD is not defective – it’s an optical peculiarity of the mini-cinema. It appears solely on a dark background.

2) The image is distorted? Please write about it to

How to connect my flash-drive to CINEMOOD?

If you have a standard USB flash-drive, please:
1) buy an OTG-cable in any e-store;
2) insert your flash-drive to one end of an OTG-cable, and then use another end to connect OTG-cable to your CINEMOOD.

If you have a micro-USB flash-drive, then just insert it into your CINEMOOD.

A section will appear in the main menu, holding all the files that were pre-installed on your flash-drive. Enjoy!

CINEMOOD can’t find my flash-drive

1) Make sure that your flash-drive is inserted properly.

2) Try to change the OTG cable.

3) Make sure that your flash-drive is not in the exFAT format. If it’s so, change it to FAT or NTFS formats.

Can’t connect my speakers/headphones to CINEMOOD

1) Turn on a ‘pairing’ mode on your headphones/speakers.

2) Go to the ‘Settings’ section on your CINEMOOD to open a ‘Bluetooth’ section. Find the icon of your speakers/headphones.

3) Click on the icon and wait for a little bit.

4) Enjoy 😉

No sound comes out of my CINEMOOD

Use the UP/DOWN buttons to adjust the volume. Make sure that the playable file has a sound track. If you still can’t hear anything from your device, shoot us an email at and include your warranty claim.

What shall I do if a cartoon / digital books / audio story or lullaby is not played from pre-installed library?

It is possible that you need to update the software. If the OS version is the latest, please contact our support team. Send your enquiry to and we will help you.

My CINEMOOD doesn’t turn on? What should I do?

This may happen due to low battery. Please plug in charging adapter, give it some time to charge, and try to turn it on again a little later. If this did not help, please try to change the micro-USB cord. You will surely find another one at home. If CINEMOOD still doesn’t respond, contact us at


Preferable user-age

Mini-cinema CINEMOOD is perfect for any age! Small children will discover preset offline library with digital books, cartoons, audio books, fairytales and classical music. Adults will be enjoying popular online services and the ability to upload your own videos, photos and music. Silent mini-cinema is completely safe when used properly. It has no sharp corners, it is quite durable and has an balanced image brightness, so won’t strain eyes (but we do not recommend neither adults nor children looking at ray projection 🙂

Is it safe to look directly into the screen/beam?

CINEMOOD features an optical engine brightness level, making it safe for the eyes of your little ones. However, we strongly recommended avoiding direct eye contact with the projector beam, as it can be very bright. Please, don’t point the beam at anybody’s eyes. That’s not the best way to make friends.

How do I control how much time my child spends watching cartoons?

According to trusty psychologists, it’s recommended that children limit cartoon watching to 30 minutes. And we don’t want to brag, but we’ve solved this problem for you too! There’s a timer built into your CINEMOOD to let you and your child know when their 30 minutes is up. You’re welcome!

Is CINEMOOD waterproof?

Unfortunately, not right now. Our CINEMOOD scientists haven’t yet cracked the code of how to watch movies underwater, but as soon as they do we’ll let you know. For now, please, don’t get your CINEMOOD wet.

What is CINEMOOD made of? Any harmful materials?

CINEMOOD’s outer body is made from durable, smooth plastic with no sharp edges that could potentially harm your child. Its insides are made up of a complex slew of electronic components that we won’t bore you with!

Is CINEMOOD better than tablet or TV?

It’s compact and lightweight. Watch your favorite cartoons and movies on any surface. Occupy the most comfortable position and watch even on the ceiling!

Mini-cinema’s projection isn’t harmful to your eyes. Notorious blue spectrum, which is present in TV, tablets and PCs, adversely affects the health due to decomposition of melatonin in the eyeball. This leads to worsening eyesight in an early age. CINEMOOD on the contrary projects the picture, i.e. you look at the reflected light. We even took into account the peculiarities of child’s eye so the projection of CINEMOOD is bright enough to watch cartoons, filmstrips in a daylight, but subdued enough not to damage the eyesight.

CINEMOOD is installed with the proven “child-friendly” content: good cartoons, digitized books, audio fairytales and lullabies. You can be sure that the child does not see anything of dubious nature.



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