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Smart Covers

What are Smart Covers?

Smart Covers are pretty cool. Basically, they are silicon covers made to fit onto your CINEMOOD Storyteller. Not only do they protect your projector from damage, but they actually extend your device’s library with new content (depending on the type of Smart Cover you get). CINEMOOD uses an innovative NFC technology that recognizes which Smart Cover you’re using, and then automatically downloads additional content via Wi-Fi. How cool is that!?

How do I use CINEMOOD Smart Covers?

Just put the Smart Cover on the CINEMOOD. The device will recognize it and automatically download new content onto its internal memory.

What kind of Smart Covers can I buy?

Right now, we’ve got four Smart Covers available to choose from, and each represents a popular cartoon character:

KikOriki™ (with 42 new episodes)

Om Nom™ (with 18 new episodes)

Kit^n^Kate™ (with 28 new episodes)

HooplaKidz™ (with 25 new episodes)

We promise more covers will be coming soon!